The quality of Granoro pasta is the result of passion, care and attention to detail throughout the entire production process, successfully combining the ancient tradition of pasta making with modern production technology.


The result is high-quality Italian pasta that has an intense colour and smell, typical of sun-kissed durum wheat, the “right thickness” and a balanced and uniform cooking time.


Thanks to the careful selection of fine semolina with a high protein content and the production skills of Mr Attilio and his family, Granoro pasta remains firm and elastic for many hours after cooking and the surface is never slimy.


Thanks to the carefully selected durum wheat semolina used in its production and the inherent characteristics of gluten, Granoro pasta is porous, allowing it to absorb water when cooking. It also has an excellent yield, because it doubles in volume when cooked, cooks perfectly because it cooks evenly from the outside and does not lose starch in the cooking water, which remains clear and free from residues.